The Betty & Walter Story

Aunty and Uncle to Lisa Levis, Betty & Walter lived in The Bungalow on 5 Elms Road. Being cattle dealers for the local farm, most working days were spent at cattle markets and the rest of their time was filled with cooking steak and kidney pie, tapioca pudding & walnut cake, tending to honeysuckle and harvesting raspberries, going to parties to play matchbottle and newmarket and drinking Camp Coffee!

Uncle Walter often wore chestnut coloured trousers with a brown belt around his waist, white or yellow shirt and a knitted tank top. He wore a handkerchief tied at all four corners in the summer time. He enjoyed watching the horse racing on a Saturday in his armchair.

Aunty Betty had a fondness for red setters and loved taking them for long walks in the barley fields, then home for tea and a neat slice of marble cake which she would eat whilst wearing her flowery apron.

Lisa Levis is a British accessories designer known for her unique & illustrative Prints. Born in Hertfordshire England, she moved to London to attain her BA at Central Saint Martins and MA in printed textiles at the Royal College Of Art. During these formative years Lisa’s distinctive print handwriting took shape. Inspired by mid 20th century design and influenced by people & places significant to her, Lisa’s designs begin life as drawings & paintings of her own hand.

They are a modern interpretation of her source material and are always presented with a sense of honesty & wit.Betty & Walter is a fresh, fun & engaging lifestyle brand that makes you smile, triggering memories of less stressful times. Having launched a special toiletries gift range in Boots stores nationwide for Christmas 2012, and a with wider range of bags, accessories, kitchen textiles, and ceramics launching this spring to the rest of the world, the future is looking very rosy for Betty & Walter…

Now site is launched with Korea Truly.

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